Brexit – where now Britain?

Those who did not feel part of the new global economy and the new economy of the financial pages voted UK out of Europe. Where now and what next?

Brexit – the way of the broken hearted

Those who did not feel part of the new global economy opted UK out of Europe, where now and what next?

London is still reeling from the shock of the vote to leave the EU. For those living and working in London, remaining in Europe was a no brainer. But for the rest of the United Kingdom, leaving was the only option. The referendum registered the difference between the economy of the lives of real people and those of the London city folks: those who felt left out by globalisation and the new economy of financial pages, voted to leave. These people feel that the system is not working for them.

The news analysis following the leave vote is to some extent blaming the distance between the people and the politicians and the latter’s failure to acknowledge and roll out viable policies to deal with the people’s concerns about immigration.

Like it or not, immigration was the rallying cry for the Leave vote, and Farage’s UKIP party did not shy away from that.

Official figures in the UK showed that millions of people were worse off over the past 10 years, more people in employment are receiving in-work benefits. Present day Britain is one that is divided along class lines, education, and prosperity. Great swathes of communities outside the commercial centres in London, Manchester, and other larger cities have not seen the so called prosperity trickling down to their communities. Jobs lost, social services cut, the future is dismal. It is the era of scapegoating, and lazy politics. But when the dust has settled, depressed communities will find Brexit will not give them jobs, a library, local parks or playgrounds for their youngsters, or even more money in their pocket. It will not give them a more rosy future and neither will it end immigration automatically. They will find that this was just a hollow victory.
This may well be the turning point in UK politics. The politicians will no longer have Europe to blame and will have to come up with answers.

Exiting Europe may well mean the beginning of accountability!

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Original article first published in The European Financial Review on 27 June 2016.