International Women’s day – we were born equal!

Are women in the post make-up age, post-red lipstick, post youth creams, post-botox and all age?. Are we any less if we succumb to any of these?


International women’s day – we were born equal!

What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century?  Are we in the age of post make-up, post-red lipstick, post youth creams, botox and all. Are well any less if we succumb to any of these?

Today is International Women’s Day, and it would have gone by unceremoniously for me except for a talk attended later on today and a BBC World Service broadcast earlier today. I heard a female guest bemoan the fact that in the age of women’s liberation, women, especially older women (who should know better – ‘being the subtext’) are shamed (‘fooled’, I’m sure she meant to say) into buying expensive skin creams that promise everlasting youth.

Coming from a female, it all sounded reasonable. But wait, hang on a minute!

My brain went into a tailspin. I see, does it mean that, as females, when we are truly free, truly equal, we would no longer be concerned about getting old, developing crows feet (whatever that is), and sagging jawlines, facial wrinkles etc., not that I have to contend with any of that yet. This is a fallacy! It is not our make up, our weaves, our expensive skin creams that keep us from the board room. They are not the reasons why we still earn 15% less than men. It is not why some women are still considered second class citizens in some countries and are not be allowed to go to school or even drive a car. It is not the reason why girls are aborted, or are subjected to genital mutilation.

We come in different shades, shapes and sizes, with and without make-up.  Some wash and go, some wash, cream, powder, buff, change nappies,  before going and yet right on time.  Our beauty routines are ours because we are women and because we love them, they are the things that make us, us. We are not victims of anything because we like to wear make up, dress up, use expensive creams that promise eternal youth, we are simply humans. Just like men, we will give in to our vanity, our ego, and with our tight face (if that cream delivers all it promises), lacquered nails, weaves, bright red lipstick and six inch heels, we will march into the board room and demand equal share of the pie.

Watch out, we are coming!