MP Keith Vaz Scandal – A Private affair?

If only Keith Vaz had declared his predilection for Eastern European rent boys before heading the HA Select Committee on vice and drugs . . .

Keith Vaz MP Scandal – what now?

The Keith Vaz MP scandal and his encounter with two East European rent boys makes for juicy reading. After reading every detail of it and listening to the audio tapes over and over again, all for the purpose of thorough research I assure you, I wondered how he could possibly get out of this one?

Right to Private life

Assuming the story is true, and it is difficult to see how it would not be, one has to ask, is Keith Vaz not entitled to a private life? Is he not entitled to live his life as he likes without being embarrassed by our media and made the subject of a grubby scandal about his particular predilection for East European male prostitutes? He was recorded to have said “but we like Eastern Europeans, they’re nice”. A married MP with gay partners, surely that is for him and his wife and children to deal with. It is not for the media to intrude into his private arrangement. I am not one to subscribe to this whole mantra that our public officials should be held to a higher standard. I think that is a false argument. What I think we should ask for is that they are not duplicitous.

Home Affairs Select Committee

Keith Vaz’s role as the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee for the past 10 years means that he has overseen matters which are directly related to this scandal: prostitution and drugs and in particular efforts to curb sale of cocaine in the UK. Just as MPs are required to declare their financial interests, they should be required to declare their interests in other areas that relate to their work.   If Keith Vaz had declared his particular interests, that he had a penchant for paying male prostitutes for drug fuelled sex parties, and that he had no objection to the taking of Class A drugs by others, and indeed would gladly offer to pay others to procure the drug for the use of his male escort and to enhance his sex parties, and so long as these interests were properly recorded in such a register of interests, then I think the Sunday Mirror story would be a non-story.

Truly stung

No matter what the Sunday Mirror says, MP Keith Vaz has been surely stung, caught doing what he does in private with the people he normally does it with. But is it so private that we should not know about it? Well I think if you use rent boys, ask rent boys to bring poppers to ‘the party’ and arrange for cocaine, then unless you declared those interests in the first place, you simply should not be in charge of matters relating to vice and drugs. I’m afraid it is no longer a matter between you and your conscience. Here we have a Chair of a Home AffairsSelect Committee, an MP who knows how to arrange for the sourcing and delivery of Class A drug, despite this governments tough stance against cocaine trafficking. In response to enquiries about making cocaine available for ‘the party’ Keith Vaz was recorded saying: “that was ages ago, we have to give notice, get it brought up, all this stuff. . . he can buy it and I’ll give him the money.”

It is like asking Colonel Saunders to chair the committee on organic hens and battery hens and Colonel Sounders not declaring his interest – owner of KFC.

Better than zlotys

And finally, Keith Vaz should have known he was asking for trouble. If you pay rent boys £100 for sex, quibble about it, by offering dollars in change, surely you must know that it cannot cost much to get the rent boys to bring a mobile phone to the rendezvous and sell you out to anyone who will give them even £150 (better than zlotys) for their trouble.